About Ethernet Cables

Computer networking technology has a set of standards which is referred to as Ethernet. These standards smooth the progress of interaction among different paraphernalia like intermediary devices, printers and personal computers. A piece of equipment can be easily added to develop on hand network, provided that the device conforms to the set of standards.

A computer network contains hardware and software. The former is a physical link layer while the latter is a logical or data layer. The hardware performs as the channel where the electronic signals will pass through. The physical link layer that carries the connection between the devices must correspond to specific types of design to turn into a common medium. On the other hand, in the logical or data layer, there are protocols or set of rules defined by Ethernet standard that administer how the devices attached in the network could interrelate with each other.

Ethernet cable is one of the vital devices of the hardware. Ethernet cables link the network’s pieces of equipment like adapters, routers and modems. They send out data by means of Ethernet Protocol. Ethernet standards are constantly upgrading to cope up with the advances in hardware. Before, coaxial cables were used. But now, Ethernet set ups utilize fiber optic or twisted pair cables. Computer networks of Ethernet normally utilize the latter that is why it was referred to as Ethernet cable. Continue reading