Backing Up on CD

We think it’s a great idea to present very practical ideas in the classroom. You can talk about homework and data all day long but talk to a student about their music collection and they will listen. Make a practical and useful lesson out of something with their music and you have a winning combination. When you need to back up music on a CD, you are obviously going to be copying music onto that CD. For some folks, the territory of music copying is kind of iffy because they are unsure of what the law allows and what the law expressly forbids. Here are some tips on what to do and also what not to do when you back up any of your tunes on a compact disc. Continue reading

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables as well as component cables are some of the most popular cables from which to choose when it comes to home theater cables. Your total viewing and listening experience will no doubt be affected by your choice of home theater cables so you better make sure that you know what each one does. Here are the ones from which you will be choosing.

HDMI cables: These cables will deliver the greatest picture and sound quality possible inside of a single cable. Using these cables is ideal if you want to preserve the sound quality when you convert digital to analog. They are also capable of supporting up to eight channels. Continue reading