New Pathways to Education Reform Using Lean

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Educational reform is a tricky subject. Most calls for educational reform are met with skepticism as to whether or not the expense involved will be justified. Other people do not even want to admit there are any problems with most schools in the first place. Plans for education reform will often have to deliver noticeable results very quickly in order to ultimately win over the skeptics and achieve their full potential. Schools already have their hands full, in many cases, and all attempts at educational reform must be convenient for the faculty. Getting the staff, faculty, and parents to cooperate and agree on certain school changes is a sizable challenge.

Lean Frog has developed the reputation for doing exactly what the skeptics of educational reform expect. This educational consulting firm makes an effort to attack some of the problems schools are currently facing right at the source. Teachers are often overstressed and overworked, with inflated class sizes that causes their efforts to be stretched too thin, no matter what dedicated professionals they are. Students often do not get the time they need to truly learn the critical thinking skills and knowledge they need to yield the necessary academic results.

Lean Frog works with the existing faculty of the schools, and in so doing, they manage to make their ideas more accessible to the faculty members. Reforms that were imposed on the faculty from the outside, as with many governmental educational reforms, may be met with some resistance and frustration. Lean Frog seeks to act as an ally to the faculty, as opposed to acting in opposition to them. It is a partnership that is geared towards affecting change for the schools.

Often, the key to saving time is just to use your own time much more efficiently. Learning teaching methods that allow you to teach far more efficiently can lead to tremendous savings in class time. Learning the techniques employed by Lean Frog can be accomplished relatively quickly. The firm works around the faculty, and tries to make the training periods swift, purposeful, and efficient. Educational reform becomes possible and desirable.