Connected Classrooms

Report from US New ( Computers, wireless Internet, interactive digital workspaces, technical support staff, and high online engagement are keys to building a connected classroom. We surveyed schools from our 2009 Best High Schools rankings to gauge their connectivity. Of the 301 that responded, the following are the Most Connected Classrooms.

Note Huntsville Alabama in the mix. Huntsville City Schools has been working hard to be the leader in technology in the classroom.

Kite Festivile a Success

On the lighter side, no pun intended.

The Pinnacle Schools recently helped sponsor a community Kite Festival at John Hunt Park in Huntsville, AL. Hosts of the inaugural event were the city of Huntsville and AshaKiran, a non-profit agency that works to create a harmonious community and provide to those in need. Hundreds attended the free event and joined 50 diverse organizations from throughout the city to promote awareness of social issues, cultural diversity and inclusiveness for a just world. The theme, “Soar for Social Justice,” was by all accounts a success from the breezy weather, the exhibitors, the public turnout and of course the colorful kites filling the beautiful blue sky. Continue reading

Alternate Schools for Troubled Teens

It’s a gut-wrenching experience for powerless parents to watch struggling teens spinning in negative space. While our society is fortunate to have troubled teen schools available, most parents aren’t aware of their diverse options. Even parents who know about alternate schools for troubled teens may get confused trying to make a decision.

It boils down to whether the adolescent would be better served by inpatient or outpatient treatment and secondly which troubled teen school could provide the best possible outcome. Schools that promote punitive action therapy aren’t in the best interests of teenagers. In addition, the root cause of emotional/behavioral problems must be the focus instead of symptoms that manifest in struggling teens. Continue reading